What if you could get things done...

Imagine getting things done on time,

the way they’re supposed to be,

using the resources you have.

What would you do if you had more time and less stress? Using established project management and executive function tools and techniques applied to your life, your studies or your small business means you get a handle on what’s going on instead of running from crisis to crisis.

Parent. Student. Business Owner. ALL

We are many things in one these days. Life is more complex and has many moving parts.
How do you keep it all working without overwhelm?

In business, there are established practices for managing complicated endeavors.
In education, there are tools and techniques for planning, organization and time management.

Combining these two domains of expertise helps you manage your personal workload and household. A former project manager turned teacher who is also a mom and business owner with a productivity level that people can’t understand (because she is also often seen having coffee, lunch or dinner with friends) has put it all together in manageable steps for you to learn.

What would it feel like to have more time?

What would you do?  
How would you feel?  
Where would you go?
Who would you spend that time with?

The Mission

The mission is stress reduction. Stress reduction leads to:

Overall physical health benefits
Better family relationships both in your home and in your community
Clarity and focused thinking
Excess resources to make things better
(whatever “things” are most important to you)


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